Unexpected cooperation

  • Soulforge_Train ongoing loading near planet_Gunnison in Colorado system.

    Sea of Shadows, TSH station Libra Tower

    Commissioner Forlon just entered Operations and headed directly to the Officer of the Watch (OOW) "Good morning, everything all-right? Can I please have brief Status report?"

    "Greetings Sir, everything in space looks quiet, no crimes were reported in last 12 hours" replied OOW and continued "Base production facilities are fully occupied, production of equipment is running on maximum capacity. We have enough commodities for at least week, except Optronics which will be soon out of stock. I've searched through last days reports and it seems they were available only on distant small bases ..."

    "And how it looks today?" asked Commissioner.

    "They are still not available on any closer big base Sir, but just few minutes ago arrived message that Battleship Rio Grande in Colorado got fresh supply of them. However they do not have docking for our large trading vessels" replied OOW.

    "OK, it seems we need some external help, please check if is available some mercenary or trader which may be interested in the money." ordered Commissioner.

    "Aye aye, sir. I did that already, but it seems that atm is in space only one potential contact, and we do not have any detailed information about him. Police central in Leeds reported small basic freighter registered under name Rhastago heading to the Edinburgh" reported OOW.

    Commissioner was silent for a brief moment and then he made a decision: "Give me long range com channel please, and use standard police identification. This way we will have the best chance he decide reply to an unknown call". "Chances for positive contact are rather small, but who knows, we can be lucky, lets see what outcome it will have ..." thought Forlon while he waited for communication channel activation. It was needed a while, but in the end distant contact responded to the call. He confirmed previous police identification from Leeds and informed that he is in small Dromedary freighter on short exploration trip into Tau systems.

    "Considering that you are using basic trading ship, I may have for you an business proposal. Interested to know details?" asked Forlon. When was received positive reply, he added, that is needed small freighter help to load certain goods in Colorado system. After this Rhastago, to Forlon's complete surprise, added information, that he can use his another ship, Armored Transport, docked at that time in New York system.

    "That's perfect, this is the best ship which can be used!" told still surprised Forlon and offered payment 5M, plus money needed to buy cargo for the two soulforge_trains.

    "Agreed, we will meet at Battleship Rio Grande" replied Rhastago.

    Only short time after this have arrived big soulforge_train, with TSH clan identification, to battleship orbiting planet Gunnison and loading has started. Whole operation had very smooth progress, and once was finished second delivery Forlon asked: "Interested by one further load operation with the same payment?"

    "Sure, just tell me when" asked Rhastago.

    "kk, will tell when back in Colorado" replied Forlon.

    Third loading was finished quickly and smoothly like two previous and TSH cargo vessel headed back to Sea of Shadows jump hole. Forlon thanked for perfect cooperation, then closed com channel and while he observed crew work on _train's bridge he thought that always worth to give it a try make a new contact.