|DP| - Sigma 17 Rules, Dark Phoenix Job Acceptance

  • [heading]Job Acceptance Rules [/heading]

    To avoid any controversy or misunderstandings, I am advising all players of the Job acceptance rule for DP members.

    • All Contracts must be in line with server and forum rules.
    • No Private Kill jobs taken except assisting players with their own targets. Client MUST be known to target and be involved in the combat.
    • Private jobs accepted in game will need to be paid upfront whether as an escort duty or assisting in attacking a target. Private jobs accepted on the forum will need to be paid once the job is complete.
    • Failure to pay for a job will result in a KOS of all the clients characters for 3 to 14 days depending on the price agreed.The higher the job price,the longer the KOS. KOS will be posted on this thread with the reasons why and the length of said KOS.
    • New members to DP will not be able to take on private jobs and will only have access to server jobs (ie server bounties), as they progress through the DP ranks,members will be allowed to take more responsibility.

    [heading]Sigma-17 System Rules [/heading]

    • All players have the right to access the system (unless told otherwise) but have to hail any DP-member who is online.
    • Any player wishing to trade in Sigma 17 needs to pay a fee of 10% of their total profit.
    • Players are NOT allowed to kill other players. Sigma 17 is a neutral place!
    • At the moment, DP is neutral with all other clans.
    • No decision yet on CSF or ASF membership (just in case you were wondering.)

    That's is all for now

    Solidnebula, denne

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