Focks Industries now Hiring for All Positions!!!

  • Focks Industries (my new Mercenary-based clan/Corporation) is now hiring for all positions! positions include, but not limited to:

    - Storage Manager
    - Security Detail
    - IT Manager (boy have i got role play ideas as this list comes to fruition)
    - Exploration Guides
    - Talent Recruiter/Hiring Manager
    - Information Agents
    - Assisstant to Mr. Focks (that being me...)

    a little history on Focks Industries (because i dont know the date for the game, it's WAY easier if i just use the present date)

    Focks Industries was formed from 3 separate organizations all created by Cantana 'Portalearth' Focks: Portalearth's Escort Services, Cantana's Whore Emporium and The Sirius Information Network or SIN for short. on June 21st, 2012, Mr. Focks decided to merge the companies together and form Focks Industries. FI entertains the Mercenary trade, commercial and private trade companies, Gentlemans Resorts filled with pretty ladies and unfathomable amounts of alcoholic beverages and attractive women and a more underground, yet publicly available resource known as the Sirius Information Network. Information wanted is information needed....for the right price.

    so i am needing people to join my clan. dedicated people who are willing to run things in case of my absence (these days lack of internet). please forward you're application to Portalearth's Private Message inbox on the SWAT forums

    Name(fictional first and last or ingame name):
    Country and Time Zone:
    Position Desired:
    Experience in desired position(past clans, managing personal FLIDs and characters and for how long):
    Knowledge of CF1.9, Choose one: a little/a lot/been playing Crossfire before time existed
    Effort and dedication willing to Commit (the more you put in, the better the server benefits):

    Focks Industries thanks you for your time and we hope to see a flood of applications (in a job market like this i should have a few PMs next time i get on

    OORP: it's a long shot i know and the overall RP is a bit unconventional. i have so many ideas i can use to make this server fun again. i just need people willing to put what time they can...

    Mission Statement: "To start friendly role play based fun on the Freelancer Crossfire 1.9 server in order to gain a bigger player base within the community, to raise awareness that no rp = no server = upset Crossfire Community and finally to make Crossfire the #1 server to play in all of Freelancer's communities"