Portalearth's Escort Services

  • Hello, my Name is Portalearth. I am Offering Escort services for Commercial and Independent Trader Customer's for those who keep getting harrassed by the undesirables of the Sirius and Altair Sector. Customer's who explorer the universe are also allowed these same services.

    For those who need a little extra muscle to take down a Crime Lord or Assault a Law Enforcement establishment, the opportunity to command my Inquistor Dreadnaught is open to all with the cash

    Rates are as follows (Subject to change)
    Trade Escort: $500,000 per system rounded to the last system fully crossed. $250,000 for customer's under level 40. Transit to the Altair Sector $2.5 million for entire trip
    Explorer Escort: $500,000 per half hour, $500,000 minimum
    Dreadnaught Rental: See Portalearth for Details

    Any questions can be directed to Portalearth via the SWAT Forums or In-Game.

    Thank you

    Disclaimer: Portalearth Escort Services (PES) is not responsible for lost or destroyed cargo. To Avoid Legal issues with Law Enforcment officials, PES requests that the content of the cargo not be disclosed. Should a law enforcement official attempt to search and seize the customer's cargo, PES will only open fire under the Customer's Request and is subject to a 1-time $10,000 combat and hazard compensation. PES is a Limited Liability Company. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2012

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