"Destiny: Mars" Trailer

Client: BUNGIE

Director Simon Clowes in LA: "The client, Bungie, was looking for an opening sequence to communicate a present day landing on Mars (500+ years before the setting of the game itself). We were asked to tell the story of that landing and the journey of the astronauts as they seek out a suspicious object hovering above the terrain – 'The Traveler'. "In order to realize film, which was to be fully CG, the entire world had to be designed from scratch – everything from the astronauts to the Mars environment, the weapons, and lunar module.

"Since the sequence precedes the game by hundreds of years, it presented many challenging and exciting creative problems to solve since there were no assets provided and the characters were not in the game. "The hostile landscape of Mars was one of the most interesting and dramatic textures to work with. We wanted to turn it into a character itself and collaborated with concept artists to bring to life the chaotic terrain and environment through a series of matte paintings and projections.

"The FX team was then tasked with creating the dust storms, and increasingly turbulent weather conditions, as the astronauts navigate the treacherous landscape. "Besides setting up a custom pipeline to handle the workflow, one of the biggest technical challenges was creating and refining the look of Mars itself. After researching available NASA imagery, it became clear that the terrain was not as intriguing as first thought.

"We decided to elaborate on the terrain in each shot in order to make it more impressive and visually interesting. Bungie also requested a storm to be brewing in the atmosphere leading up to the eventual rain shot. Simulating the subtle and worsening weather conditions seamlessly over the shots was a challenge in itself both technically and creatively. "For the shot of the astronauts 'first step' on Mars, the footprint plate was practically shot. We needed to commission a practical effects artist to physically make the sole of the boot in order to make the footprint. It turned out that he actually modeled the incorrect (left) sole so the plate had to be flipped in post and have a lot of Flame love done to it." Schedule: "Two months of pre-production – storyboards, concept, R&D, etc.; three months full production." For Bungie Story/creative direction feedback: Jason Jones Creative director/project lead: Christopher Barrett Producer: Dave Dunn Director of marketing and COO: Pete Parsons Associate producer: Scott Taylor Technical feedback: David Parker Concept support: Joe Cross Story/brief: Joe Staten Budgets: Harold Ryan Character art feedback: Shikai Wang Localization feedback: Tom Slattery Weapon/vehicle feedback: Tom Doyle Art feedback: Ryan Ellis FX feedback: Steve Scott Environment feedback: Michael Zak Animation feedback: Bill O'Brien For Prologue Films Directors: Ilya V. Abulkhanov, Simon Clowes CG supervisor: Lee John Nelson Producer: Armando Plata Executive producer: Unjoo Byars Production manager: Paul Alexiou Animation supervisor: Mitch Gonzalez FX supervisor: Allan McKay Lighting lead: Daniel Hayes Compositing supervisor: Sam Edwards Character modeler: Dan Katcher Lead TD: Michael Fisher Rigging TD: Peter Christensen Animation: Brian Wyser, Colin Cromwell Lighting: Desiree Lunsford, Patrick Vidal Compositing: Siobhan Lo, Jessica Laszlo, Andrea Caretta, Sarah Brooke Grossmann, Nabil Schiantarelli, Ilya V. Abulkhanov FX: Hnedel Maximore, Benjamin Liu, Patrick Schuler CG artists: Bora Jurisic, Jeffrey Dietrich Matte painter: Matthew Gilson Concept artist: Gavriil Klimov Texture artist: Paul Fedor Pre-vis: Zac Cavaliero and John Velazquez Storyboard artist: Doug Stambaugh Storyboard concept art: Nadia Tzuo Editor: llya V. Abulkhanov Storyboard animatic: llya V. Abulkhanov Colorist: Simon Clowes Systems: Brian Holmes, Dylan Harper, Kevin McCartney Managing director: Kimberly Cooper Mocap artists: Scott Levy, Mikal Vega, Mitch Gonzalez Motion capture services: Activision Capture Studio Additional fluid FX: Fusion CI Studios Star Map Sequence Director: Simon Clowes Producer: Armando Plata Executive Producer: Unjoo Byars Designer: Christian Antolin Animator: Takayuki Sato Editor: Gabriel J. Diaz Toolkit Maya, V-Ray, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Mudbox, Realflow, Fume, Flame, Nuke, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premier, Photoshop

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