Freelancer Gamestar preview (early footage)

Freelancer Gamestar preview (early footage)

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  • Interesting HUD

    • yep

      with radar and different lead indicator

      and alot different layout

    • heh, it's Elite Dangerous radar which I see there :)

      ... and with this said, this cockpit is imo much better looking/functional as what was in FL was released. It looks like time pressure was heavy.

    • A developer once told that some functions never really worked correctly so they were dropped.

      The gamein its early state was alot different.

      The story did change, the way how the player moves on bases and planets.

      Different Hud.

      Also completly different gameplay.

      When you look at all the vids that I have uploaded you will notice that ship movement is a lot different.

      Thats because originally the neural net was supposed to do the flight stuff while the player does the shooting. In some vids you even see the flight is independent from mouse movement.

      There even is a zoom function.

      In the interface files of the released game there are traces of old code and functions. Nothing of that is working anymore but you can see that the game was much more automated than what we got in the end.