Cyberpunk 2077 - Monowire

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  • Highest difficulty?

    • no, just normal difficulty.

      But I don't think that this matters much.

      Monowires scale with Reflexes and Blade perks. This is a gun build. So, yes it scales with Reflexes but I don't have a single perk point invested into Blades. With other words it isn't even using its full potential on melee.

      What it looks like on very hard difficulty can be seen here:

      It still shreds but clearly is more difficult to survive eventhough I get health back on every kill and when moving. Assuming the stats of the perks work multiplicative I have + 220% health regeneration in combat and when moving which kicks in when health drops below 75%. On top of that there are multiple safeguards which prevent death by slowing down time when health drops too low or by restoring up to 60% health once every 15 secs or to max health once every 2 minutes. Its really a die hard build.

      However, on very hard difficulty doing kills fast enough using guns (which this build actually was made for) is very tricky. It would require to use the QianT Sandevistan, which in terms of stats is not the best Sandevistan version but due to the (only) 15secs cooldown is still the most useful one.