Warframe - Call of the Tempestarii

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  • One of my most favorite quests. It's a singleplayer quest that involves Railjack (say w/e you like but I like Railjack, at least in concept), doesn't involve any frustrating "figure-it-out-yourself-lol-jk-boot-up-the-wiki" puzzle mechanics that DE seem to love so much (looking at you, Protea fight in Deadlock Protocol) and actually got me to sympathize with the antagonist for once.

    And of course, "Sleeping In The Cold Below" is an absolute banger.

    • The problem with Railjack is that the missions are so long and the rewards (except for credits) are so bad.

      It was a wrong decision to combine railjack with the traditional level design if you ask me. I don't see the reason why I should spend 10 minutes in a Railjack just to unlock a spy mission or a survival mission afterwards.

      If I ignore the Railjack part I can do spy or suvival or whatever right away and get almost the same rewards.

      Corpus missions are the worst since you don't even have any good xp rewards.

      Doing an ordinary high-lvl defense mission at Sedna for 20mins is enough to completely level a warframe to 30. Spending that time in Corpus railjack gets you to lvl10 maybe.

      I also wouldnt say that Tempestarii is my most favorite quest.

      War within, 2nd dream, sacrifice etc. are from story perspective way cooler.

      ... or the harrow quest.... rap tap tap ;)

    • Fair point. Though I should also point out that Railjack also offers good Endo rewards too. And the XP rewards got worse since DE removed the shared affinity for fighter kills. And Gian Point.

      Well, I said "one of my favorites", not "the most favorite"; and it's more based on personal, subjective experiences.

      Second Dream, War Within, Chains of Harrow and Sacrifice are indeed epic turning moments in the main story, but I had my own beef with them to different degrees. Likewise I can understand if someone had beef with the spy section of CotT or has strong aversion to sea shanties.

      Maybe I should replay these quests one day.

    • Railjack in theory is pretty cool... it just is not rewarding enough to spend the extra time with it.

      You got a point with the endo there... but more than a million endo which I barely find stuff to use it on.