Warframe - Official Nidus Prime Trailer

The Nidus Prime Warframe, featuring his signature Prime Weapons, exclusive Accessories and more, is available now with Prime Access.

Writhing and endlessly mutating, the plague-bearing Warframe Nidus arrives in his grisly, gilded Prime form. Afflict your foes with pestilence and finish them off with a savage volley from the Strun Prime shotgun or Magnus Prime revolver.

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Comments 2

  • That would make a lot of players happy, waiting for the nidus prime warframe.

    • I think a lot of players already have it. It is really easy to get and from what I have heard a pretty good upgrade to the normal Nidus.

      Not sure if or when it is available on PS4/5.

      I guess the update differences get smaller until Crossplay will put all platforms into the same update intervals.