In the far future, Super Space Ninjas fight for their very survival against all odds. Relive the first 100 Days of Warframe, get pumped up with Super Space Ninjas and watch an epic anime unfold in Mission Critical!

100 Days of Warframe
All awesome art and animation by Paul "Otaking77077" Johnson
Written by Edgar Khoo & Tom Jenkins
Additional material and editing by Laura Rankin
Sound Design & Music by Digital Extremes
Special shout out to Reb & Julie ❤️

Warframe: Super Space Ninjas
Creative/Produced by Tom Jenkins
Pre Production, Character Art/Designs & Frame by Frame animation by Liam McKeown
Character Rigging & Animation, Background Art, Post Production & VFX by Lee Daniels: https://www.youtube.com/user/leedanielsart
Music Composed & Performed by RustyFIN: https://bit.ly/2efbcga
Sound Design & Audio Mix by Digital Extremes (THANKS GUYS!)
Consulting by StallordD: https://t.co/y1pkubhurh
Melissa Douglas: https://twitter.com/kittykatmaniac
Jesus Henriquez: https://twitter.com/achejesus
James Sharp/Toonocracy: Toonocracy - YouTube
Colin Fleming
Cameron McClain
Adam Borno
Adam Scarpitta
Scott Simons
Red Minus: https://twitter.com/redminus
Claire MacKenzie: https://twitter.com/haggischan
Dīgba Coker: https://twitter.com/digsbot
Sam Green: https://twitter.com/samgreenmedia
Additional material by Tom Jenkins & Jason Dewey
Special Thanks to Leviathan Core & Digital Extremes

Warframe: Mission Critical
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
Script editing by Tina Tomar, Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
Animation by Studio Meala
Directed by Sean Cunningham
Additional Direction by Mashed
Produced by Stephen Fagan for Studio Meala
Production Management by Tina Tomar

- Anna Bohac
- Ruby Callan
- Laura Boland

Character Design by Keith Byrne

Kevin Ryan
Hardik Manktala
Niall MacGiolla
- Tina Tomar

Animation assistance by Becky Reid

Ines Hasdenteufel
Aodhan Mc Nichol
Sinead O Regan

Compositing by Olga Selma Egan

Excalibur by Blake Swift
Volt & Kuva Lich by Mick Lauer
Loki by Gabe Kunda
Cephalon Cy by Alex Walker Smith
Mag by Eileen "EileMonty" Montgomery

Edit & Sound Design by Jason Dewey
Music, Additional Sound Design & Mix by Alex Walker Smith
Ace Squad music by RustyFIN: RustyFIN - YouTube

Everyone at DE (and especially whoever sent us the 7GB of assets lol)
Cory Niblett, Colin Fisher, and the kick-ass team at Leviathan Core
Tina Tomar
John & Linda Jenkins, Jo Cowley and Gizmo
Eddie Bowley
Liam McKeown

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