Cyberpunk 2077 - Katana fight with Cyberpsycho

This short video is just my first testing for capture/edit videos in Cyberpunk 2077 ... such action simply cannot be captured by static images :)

"Katana" fight with cyberpsycho "Norio Akuhara". Normally this one can easily flatline you in very few seconds, but I have practically end-game build with legendary equipment and the best katana in the game. With perks it deals not only strong damage per hit, but also have quite good chance apply bleeding, and this is what in this fight "defeated" Akuhura. You can see how he is losing second half of his health pool without me dealing him direct damage ... and these local NPCs which are trying fight have no chance against him (or me). They are more or less just local "cannon fodder" :) .