Dusk Hour

Just a beautiful screenshot I found in my WoWS screenshots folder.

One of the things I absolutely love about World of Warships, is the Port interface - mainly because:

a) There are many Port backgrounds. Besides basic Ocean port, there are backgrounds of various places such as Hamburg, London, New York or Saint Petersburg (this one). Naval Base and Designer's Table also have ships drydocked/on a stand respectively, so you can see their underwater parts.

b) You can make no-HUD screenshots like this one. Just hold the right mouse button as you move the camera. You can then use the screenshot as a wallpaper.

c) You can zoom in to various weapon emplacements on the ship (or aircraft on a carrier's deck) - from the main gun turret to an AA machine gun on the superstructure; as long as that emplacement is counted among the ship's armaments.

Comments 8

  • A moments peace before battle...

    • The dire work is never done.

    • The work of destruction and death you mean.

    • Well, duh.

      ("My dire work is never done" is the line from Miracle of Sound's song "Big Guns and Bigger Guts", which is a Doom Eternal themed song. Of course it's supposed to mean the "work of death and destruction")

    • I knew it !

    • Though as I already mentioned, this ship (as well as the rest of the Soviet light cruiser line, though Kirov is more of a glass cannon since it has bigger guns) rewards more measured, long-distance playstyle rather than Khornate style charges. But it also has short range torpedo launchers which I usually call "mutually assured destruction weapon".

  • "Kirov" reporting! ;)

    • Alas, I already used that name (for a screenshot with the old, non-Premium Kirov).

      But it's kinda ironic considering that this Kirov is fast, fragile and tends to keep to the long range.

      Also, while it's not visible in this screenshot, but St. Petersburg port has another Kirov in the background. Makes sense, since the ship in question served in Baltic Fleet IRL.