Warframe - Stolen Dreams

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  • Thx, got it. Didnt knew about the slip through with the moving light curtains. Aaaan patience is a key too.

    Managed to get to Phobos and the Void sector already and my incubator is waiting for its energy cell :D

    • Since Ceres is also done you need to finish Jupiter... then go to Europa... then back into the Void

      Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto... Eris, Void again, Sedna, Kuva Fortress and somewhere in between Lua.

      You just need to check the junctions what the requirements are to unlock them... its best to do that right on the first mission node because some requirements can be done while playing the normal nodes.

      However, I give you the same advice Ajay got from me. Get the Rhino Warframe because you might need it when the enemies get thougher. Just go back to Venus and complete the Fossa Assination mission until you get the Rhino chassis, the neuroptics and the systems. The main blueprint for Rhino can be bought from the market console on your ship. This frame is easy to get and it gets you through pretty much all the normal star map nodes.

    • Got the Ember Warframe already which is a good extension to the normal Tenno. Now i am on a station and need to finish some missions on its "valley"... There is more to wait, the mod system seems very complicated and i just used some Forma to reset something - not sure i understood what i did and if it was right. Just used it intentionally as it tweaked something...

    • Generally you dont just want to use Forma on anything.

      Every Warframe and every Weapon has a mod capacity based on its level... with 30 being the max.

      Every mod installed uses some of this capacity. Mods which you pick up are always rank 0.


      1. Is the name of the mod and which effects it has.

      2. Is for what the mod is used, Warframe, primary gun, secondary gun, melee... etc.

      3. Shows if the mod belongs to a special set

      4. Thats the mod capacity the mod currently uses. It also shows an icon of the mod polarity. Every mod has a polarity. Ill explain that below.

      5. Is the mod rank it currently has. At rank 0 none of the blue lights are on. You can upgrade the mod rank on your ship but that requires to have Endo and Credits. Endo is by far harder to get than Credits.

      6. Would be the indicator how many of the same mods you currently have.

      7. The border is the Rarity. Bronze uncommon, Silver common, gold rare, white (platinum) Legendary, purple Riven and grey is for a few special mixed types.

      When you upgrade a mod on your mods console (you have to select one mod and then one of the options will become available) you not only increase its rank... every rank also increases the mod capacity this mod would need in order to be installed. There are mods which require 16 mod capacity. As you can see you would run out of capacity very soon if you install such mod into a warframe or weapon which only has a maximum capacity of 30.

      There are 2 ways around this limitation.

      The first one is to install an Orokin Reactor (on Warframes) / Orokin Catalyst (on Weapons). This would double your mod capacity to 60. However, Catalysts and Reactors are very rare and pretty hard to get. So this is only something you want to do on Warframes or weapons which you really like or which perform very well.

      The 2nd way to install more mods into a weapon or warframe is to use Forma. Forma can only be applied to a lvl30 item and once done the level of that item is going to be reset to 0 again. You have to level it back to 30.

      The Forma however allows you to put a polarity on one of mod slots. If you place a mod with exactly the same polarity onto that slot then the required mod capacity for that mod will be halfed. e.g. if you have polarized one mod slot with a V-polarity and you have a mod that has a capacity of 16 but also the V-icon next to it, this mod would then only drain 50% (8) from you overall mod capacity. All you have to make is to make the icons fit. Put a V mod into a V slot.

      IF you put a different type of mod into that V slot the capacity drain will be even higher.

      Empty slots = normal drain,

      Fitting slots = 50% less drain

      Wrong slots = more drain.

      Forma are not as rare as Catalysts and Reactors but they are also not to be found everywhere. You need many of them later on. So it is still good to use them carefully. Generally I would say using the V polarity never can be wrong since most of the essential mods in the game are V.

      IF you combine the Forma method with the catalyst/reactor one you can in theory get mods with as much as 120 total capacity installed. But... well, I only had one item ever where I had to go that far.