So, I've been wanting to do this video on Ordis for quite some time. It's quite a task to get every fragment scanned and so, if you've never seen ordis' in game story before, I've put it all together for you and... added a few observations and speculations as well. I realize it's a little longer than usual but... It's ordis, you know?


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  • This is... an interesting take to treat Ordis's "glitches" (aka Ordan Karris resurfacing) in a similar way to Wally's manifestations and a Sun/Moon alignment introduced with the War Within/Sacrifice.

    Side note, I've heard somewhere that Suda became a Cephalon on her own request, probably because she was becoming senile. That's why New Loka hates her - in their eyes, she willingly cast away her humanity. Suda also calls Simaris 'Irmis', which is probably the name Cephalon Simaris had "in life", and if that is the case, it means they knew each other before becoming Cephalons.

    One more thing to come out of this. Ordis mentions Ballas as one who turned him into a Cephalon. Probably he also created Cephalon Cy. Cy mentions that his crew was one of the best, but at one point, he got some orders that got them all killed. Probably he got those orders from Ballas. Ballas was a traitor, which means he wanted to get them killed. In that case, Cy has been a viable Command Cephalon all along, since his failure was a result of a sabotage rather than his actions. Also it would mean that when you built a Railjack, you gave Ballas one more "Flak you" and set right one more thing he set wrong.

    Sorry for the text wall, but that's how I get when it's about lore.

    • Somehow every Cephelon has such mental issues.

      Even Simaris when he mentions something and then all of a sudden tries to change subject.

    • Well, quoth Ordis himself: "Centuries adrift have fried his have not been kind. I guess... all Cephalons degrade, don't they?" Simaris also mentions that most other Cephalons from Ordis's generation that he met were degraded. Probably Transferring into something different from a Warframe on a permanent basis results in long-term issues.