Confederated Commonwealth

Confederated Commonwealth

Welcome to the Confederated Commonwealth; Reborn of the ashes of the old Commonwealth.

We are a PvE Major/PvP Minor, group with focus on clearing systems where possible of Plague enemies & Nomad infestations.

While we currently have no plans for any bases we are actively recruiting and will begin planning to get a base up and running near Nomad Territory to allow better hunts

There is a Ranking system with no Quota but any and all assistance towards any form of program upgrades (Bases’ New players who have just joined getting gear, ETC.) will also be added into this system; Promotions and Demotions will be looked at on a Monthly basis & people can also vote for whom to Promote & demote in message (Bear in mind, voting for yourself is a big no-no)

4 Major rules to this group: we aren’t strict but all rules hold heavy Punishment is Disobeyed (except 4, people can’t not have fun!

  • Follow Server Rules to the Letter – Failure to do so will be depending on severity of rule-breaking from Demotion all the way to Instant Dismissal & every time logged in you will be hunted!
  • No Sexism, Homophobia, Racism or Misogynist attitude – if it is done as per Role-play I will let player decide the fine line between RP & IRL offence, if it goes too far I WILL intervene (normally in the form of a Torpedo/Class 10’s to the face), I want this group to be friendly as possible. Punishable from 2X Death by Firing Squad up to Dismissal
  • We don’t shoot first! – I don’t want to hear you opened fire on another Player without Significant role-play (agreed upon by notable conflict in chat) or unless They Shot First! We aren’t Han-Solos here! Punishable by 3 times Death by Firing Squad
  • HAVE FUN! – biggest rule everyone forgets, we’re here to have fun let’s not spoil it for other & make sure to help everyone else!

Ranking System;

C.FedCom High Marshal: Anasazi Tyr

C.FedCom Admiral: OPEN

C.FedCom: Rear Admiral: OPEN

C.FedCom Captains: OPEN

C.FedCom Commanders: OPEN

C.FedCom Lt Commanders: OPEN

C.FedCom 1st Lieutenants: OPEN

C.FedCom 2nd Lieutenants: OPEN

C.FedCom Ensigns: Open (Everyone Starts Here)


Obey those higher than you.

In the Discord it is One Voice at a time & during combat scenarios orders will be Delegated between the High Marshal (if on) down the ranks (If High Marshal is not on it will go down the chain High Marshal -> Admiral -> Read Admiral -> and so on).

Captains will control the following in their group; 1 Commander, up to 2 Lt Commanders, 6 Lieutenants (made of both 1st & 2nd) & 8 Ensigns.

Discord: Under Construction

Main Base & System: To Be Confirmed!