Inner Core Assault: Mepther System (Operation "Wretched Weaponry")

(FOREWORD: Date and time are negotiable. However I said earlier that I planned to hold this at 14:00 Server Time.)

MISSION OBJECTIVE: Head into designated area and attack and destroy Warrior and Dom'Razak units. Depending on the size of attacking groups, either attack as a single force or split the group and attack from two directions.

1 - Direction of the main assault. If we get 3-4 participants, it will be the only group. The group should either start from Weth or start from Deep Space 17 and head to Ryssk gate before beginning the assault.

2 - Direction of the flanking group. Assuming we get enough participants, this group should begin the attack once Group 1 reports and engages first enemy contact near the assault zone. If all we'll have will be me and Group 1 of sufficient strength, I'll have a solo battleship playing the role of Group 2. The group will start from Deep Space 17, preferably taking position near Pyrddra gate (or in Pyrddra system - that will help deceive Dom'Razak about the actual purpose of the group) in advance.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Deal as much damage as possible until fatigue.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy 20 enemy capital ships (Cruisers, Motherships and Battleships). Disregard this objective if we only have enough participants to form an all-fighter Group 1.

If you guys have anything to say, say it now.


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  • Shall I bring my fighter, dreadnought or repair ship?

    • Depends on how many people we'll have.

      If we'll have a combined group (first or second), they might need a repair ship. If we'll have only full all-fighter first group, you might join "second group" on a battleship, but that will depend on how good you are at running away when fighters show up.

    • Hello,

      I can provide a repair ship. Replying only now because I wasn't sure I would be free today.

      See you soon!

  • I'm hoping to attend again, under the name RoyalTea.

    Edit; Docking rights to DS17 were granted by Mercenaro. Thanks again!

  • Damn, this is appearing as monday midnight till 1.00am for me :(

    Still I will try to make it even if I gotta leave early

    • I probably should re-check the time (14:00 Server Time). But I want it to be closer to the time of... around now, so you and people from around Europe could participate.

      I mean, I ran two events orienting to people closer to NA. I want to give others a chance.