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A pirates life: missunderstandings

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    A pirates life: missunderstandings

    Nassau Depot, Purian Lake System, 26. June 2017.

    "Polly want a nut and her feathers back", Polly says. If she could smiled she would. I saw this in her eyes.
    I can't belive what I had read.

    diary of a merc

    Number 1: I am not a traitor
    Number 2: no one have to care about my mothers job :)
    Number 3: our agreement with DP-clan was when another clan attack the honest (Fallen)-clan and/or the honest |DP|-clan (clan wars). |DP|-members were always allowed to try to get a bounty which was set on the head of a (Fallen)-members and we (Fallen)-members were always allowed to tax |DP|-members. Both situations were happened in the past. (btw: most of the time I informed |DP|-members that they shall deposit their money to their account bank, before I taxed them)
    Number 4: I found Polly on Earth.
    Number 5: Polly still have her 5 feathers :)

    Kind regards,
    RonaldoDaVinci (third in command of the honest (Fallen)-clan.)
    Everything before the word "but" is horse shit - Eddard "Ned" Stark

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