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Legacy of Clear Sky

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Call of Pripyat. Degtyarev wearing CS-3a armor suit.
CS-3a (aka ChN-3a or ЧН-3а, CS standing for Clear Sky) was the standart issue equipment for the assault units of "Clear Sky" group. While it has mobility troubles (can't get assault webbing so kiss looting goodbye), it is quite decent by combat and hazard protection stats.
Unfortunately, even having such a nice equipment didn't stop Clear Sky from getting destroyed at the end of eponymous game. Only two members of Clear Sky have survived, Nimble and Novikov. Both appear in Call of Pripyat. Actually, you get this armor by ordering it from Nimble, and if you'll talk to Novikov (Who was the developer of this armor) while being decked in CS-3a, he'll comment on it.

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    Martind Forlon -

    This person on the picture is you (player) or it is an NPC?

    • User Avatar

      Ajay -

      Yes, it is the player character. Normally S.T.A.L.K.E.R. doesn't have keys for 3rd person view but it supports it and some mods restore it. I disabled a mod I had on CoP but the keys remained functioning.