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  • sorry the info i gave you is wrong. i was pretty sure some years ago you could get in and get the ship. but it must have changed. my apology.

  • Lynryu, The ragnorak in question And forgive my cloudy memory But years ago and hence any mention in the swat forum is correct. s/p can enter the nomad base to buy the ship by knocking out the shield generators. But the trick to it was to be right in the right spot to dock which was a challenge and took a while to achieve. The ship can,t be bought in m/p as its an Admin Ship permitted to Galaxy Rangers only. But i fully understand your wish to try it out. A lot also did some years ago too. Iliyans advice on the Railgun was right too ok.

  • Sorry Lyn, easier to discuss here. (Its private, or I hope it is).

    I regard to being friends with everybody (I have no enemies), somebody called Michael tweaked my setup years ago and I've forgotten what we did. I'll check back and see if I've recorded the details somewhere.

    However you can play in God Mode (check OPTIONS to find when loading game). They will shoot at you but you can't be damaged.

    • I think we fiddled with the .ini file, which in truth is illegal and rightly so. Everybody needs to play by the same rules and conditions. You could just see me turning up in MP the way I fly in SP. When I fly I am totally unarmed. The best and safest way for you is fly in God made. Now …… go and have a look at Dublin ……

    • Thanks but i don't really want to go into the nomad systems anymore because there are not many things to see. Those hidden systems on the upper right part of the Sirius Map are Unknown 1,2,3 and Lost Paradise and i've already been there before without realising.

      So the last hidden system can be found in Dublin? Is there a secret jumphole/jumpgate there or something else?