Crossfire Event

  1. Smuggler

    If you have any valuable or less valuable good to transport through dangerous space you should contact this player. He is genius in smuggling good of all kinds through and bring it safe to the target haven. Therfore you are awarded with this medal. Great!
  2. Headhunter

    Once you encounter a player with this medal you should either run or drop all your cargo. He is very talent in tracing smugglers and stops them from illegal action. Thanks for contributing to law and equity.
  3. Racer

    This medal is awarded to players known to find their ways through all the system on the fastest track. You should be careful to mess with him.
  4. Chief of mass Destruction

    A very skilled player who knows how to knock out opponents. Either in team death matches or PvPs.
  5. Nomad Destroyer

    This player is very good in shooting and then tractor in Nomad property during the nomad gun hunt event.
  6. Team Player

    This player got award for outstanding achievements during the assault event.