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    Hope that many people keep sending mail to Microsoft & Chris Roberts about allowing Freelancer to be sold in GoG & maybe also on Steam. Naturally also to have Steam's Workshop open for it & then we'd see Crossfire there as well. Freelancer to be resold in Steam with price of €15-20. Even Valve takes 30% cut Microsoft would still get good $ from the sales. Total War: Rome (played it a lot back in the days) got remastered ver. at end of april this year. It was originally released about seventeen years ago if memory served right data chip.

    Freelancer could easily get resale added to both GoG & Steam or just to other one. Yes, there's already Freelancer Remastered available, but we don't need that as we have better that's known as 'Crossfire'. Much better it is cause comes with enhanced graphics & lots of additional content. Though of course the HD Edition is fine for those who wanna stick only with the Original Client. We fans have the powah to make it happen ^^ *Dreams on*

    Megaship Concourse Interiors, nice interior redesigns for stations, thargoid attacks, new player guide & more. Thargoid combat zones have already appeared in the Cornsar system. On going raffle event until Sept. 30th: Perform a stunt to earn yourself a pulse blue SRV Skin. Share good word about ED & enjoy o/

    "Frontier Devs are looking for the most daring pilots, drivers & stunt people to submit video entries for their next Elite Sports livestream" o/ Successful submissions will be shown on stream & rated by their esteemed panel of judges from the community team :sekt: All submissions which meet the requirements will receive a Pulse Blue SRV Paint Job even if they're not featured on the stream :1eye:
    Q: What sort of stunt can you perform?
    A: Whether you're flying your ship, a fighter, driving your SRV or performing some high-octane parkour, they'd love to see it :w00t:
    Q: How to submit my stunt?
    A: Send a YT link of your stunt & your in-game Commander name in the body text to with subject 'Elite Sports Stunt 2021'.
    Video Requirements:

    • 16:9 aspect ratio with minimum 1080p quality
    • 10-30 seconds long
    • Must feature a stunt performed in an SRV/ship/on-foot or any combination of the three
    • Must only feature in-game footage
    • Must not feature any copyrighted audio
    • Must not feature voiceover or added text
    • Must be submitted by 30th September 2021