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    id need feedback on the suffolk patch i did

    As i have just re-entered freelancer (and crossfire mod) after some long abstinence and with my new safe i am at the very same spot/area.

    Id like to pick the topic up and give more insights.

    I think the issue is still there.. i tend to always do a one-dock-all run through all systems when im in the area.

    I just CTD for the 7th time in an hour (yet not on suffolk this time).

    It happend on nearly every dock on a first time vision on a station in the bretonia area.

    I think your first guess of it being something that happens with sprites loading forst time, could be right. Maybe its something that get loaded the first time when you enter a new station/planet ... ? maybe somehting that is specific to the area?

    Unfortunately no more hints i could give you, but it seems to be the very same old bug from back then.

    Hmm, thats interesting.

    As i had a tradeline between new london and battleship suffolk with my swashbuckler i went between boith of them quite often and i had like 1 out of 3 landings ending in a crash with like 15 tries.

    Also ive always used the newest autosafe when it crashed and just kept flying back n forth.

    After a while i just said "fuck it" and bught the trident trying to go for missions again. And that ship also crashed at suffolk as well as when i moved into other systems.

    simple solution

    dont press esc

    Hey, im new here.

    Have created this account soley because i just recently re-discovered FL and then discovered this mod for me.

    Now im playing Singleplayer and am getting the same error which was stated from the OP here: random crashes when docking.

    Now as ive tried it more then a dozen times i can maybe give some insights.

    The error happened for me whilst being in the process of docking (at the inside sequence and first occurred when pressing escape when trying to access stations. Games goes black and changes from fullscreen into window mode, no response and then closes down ultimately after several seconds of wait.

    Now, i started to not press esc as its the obvious route to go, and it helped for a while but as soon as i reached into bretonia (im still quite early into my save), and went for the battleship suffolk located 10k away from new london... ive experienced the crash even when not pressing escape. The ship docked normally and then the second the interior (sequence - not the actual dockingmenu!) of the BB gets visible its going black and repeates as stated above.

    Now after that it just seems to be purely random.. ive tried both instances again, trying to jump over the sequence with esc... sometimes it works, sometimes it crashed and it felt like dicerolling. And it also seemed to happen before going into the station/indoor sequence.

    At first i was flying the swashbuckler but then changed to the trident, and both had the same errors with the BB suffolk.

    Now, ive already tried to change the shader from and to vanilla FL a few times with no noticable effect.

    Any other hints what it could be? Does it maybe have something to do with sequences in general? Is there something that was touched in the last patch as the posts stating the error seem rather young.