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    Oh I see. Thanks Gearheadio for the help. Just kinda sucks though because all the time I've spent roaming the galaxy I've got some really kickass ships and a crap ton of dough. Oh well.


    So I've disabled Open sp but when I open my most latest save I don't get any instructions to go anywhere or any way points. When I check my player status it says that in order to level up I must complete a mission but I don't know what there is to do.

    When playing the campaign in crossfire single player I finished the original freelancer campaign. Though two weird things happened. The first weird thing that happened was that I lost my ship, the Butcher, and I immediately had the ship that you get at the very start of the game. The second weird thing was that I have progressed (just by roaming the galaxy and doing missions) to level 58 and I was wondering when the crossfire campaign (about the battle against the Nomads) starts? I'm starting to get bored of just flying around and I really want to start the campaign or is there something that I have to do in order to start it? Thanks!


    Ha funny! I was just about to change the 3D sound option in the ini file but then realised that I couldn't change the 3D sound setting because I was actually in the game. I had to be in the main menu in order to change the 3D sound setting. HA! Anyway thanks for the help! Hopefully this makes a difference! Also I managed to play crossfire today without crashing once! I was playing with a lower screen resolution (1026x768x32) previously running on 1366x768 or something like that (i think thats the widescreen resolution anyway its my pc's default resolution) . Perhaps that was the problem. Still don't really know. Anyway thanks for being so cooperative wanderer! I'll tell you if I have anymore problems.

    So I've been playing single player and lately my game has been crashing at random points so its been really hard to determine what the problem is. Is it a shader problem? I've been using the Vanilla FL shader option because my computer isn't that good. I'm also using the Liberty Gunboat, not sure if that makes any difference. Would reducing the graphics quality make a difference? The last time it crashed I was using my tractor beam. Sometimes it crashes when I choose the option to leave a space station or planet and sometimes it just crashes when I'm just cruising through space. I am currently running crossfire on my pc's default resolution of 1366x768. This problem is really frustrating because sometimes i don't even get half an hour of game play in before it crashes.

    PC specs:

    Processor: AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics - 2.00 GHz (Ouch!)

    Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB

    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    Please help!


    I am rather new to Crossfire and so far it is the best mod that I have played with Freelancer (Great Work!) and so far I have only been playing single player. Every time that I start single player the launcher asks me if I want to install a new update and if i accept its always 10 items that are downloading. Most of the time I just select the decline button for the update so I was wondering, should I just ignore the update every time or should I accept and does it actually update the game? Thanks for such a great mod!…ages/smilies/thumbsup.png