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    Hi There,

    I was in my Hump Back with Niobium cargo onboard and sold it on the Planet Kyushu and when I undocked it kicked me off the server.

    When I tried to log back in it told me that my Account has been banned.

    Can someone please fix this technical glitch?

    My account name is [RAVE]Atomic[H|P]

    Okay, here I go.

    Well the steps I followed are the instructions you gave me about how to use HashMyFiles program to do an Audit on my Freelancer Files.
    You gave me these instructions to better understand what might be causing my Cross Fire/Freelancer session from crashing randomly while in-game.

    Initially after my Computer Re-Format.
    I found I couldn't get the launcher to BOOT UP.
    After making a POST on here, I was instructed to change the Graphics LEVEL from "SWEET FX" to another LEVEL.
    When I changed this, everything worked and after the 14 Patch Updates the game launcher BOOTED UP fine and I was able to game on Multi-Player.
    (I never had issues with SWEET FX Graphics on the MOD before, so I am surprised it has become a problem now).

    Okay, so after my first game session Online.
    I docked and then disconnected from the Server.
    Later on, when I wanted to come back Online again
    The SERVER told me, that my Account was "BANNED".

    Which was I docked Safely and disconnected from the Server properly.
    I just don't understand.

    I hope this Helps you mate! :D

    I was forced to upgrade a few years back in 2015 when my Intel Core i5 4400 started to slow down and become unstable.

    I decided to build my system around my Graphics card.
    So I decided to buy a semi decent CPU and as I planned to play some kick butt Star Citizen.
    The graphics card would have been my biggest bottle neck.

    In my research for what really counts in GAMING.
    The answer I was able to extract was that the CPU is fast enough to feed the data into a graphics card.
    But the faster a graphics card was able to render the graphics data on the display, that was what really mattered.

    So knowing this I decided to build the following rig.

    CPU: AMD FX 6300 (6-Core)
    RAM: 16Gb Corsair RAM
    HDD: Two Seagate HDD's running in RAID 1 configuration
    Graphics Card: Nvidia 980 GTX made by Gigabyte Force 1
    Power Supply: 1000 Watt Corsair PSU
    Motherboard: Asrock Fatality 990 FX Killer
    CPU Cooler: Noctua Kit

    I hope this helps buddy.


    Just to let you know on the latest update on what I have tried.
    I have reformatted my whole Hard Drive and installed a Clean copy of Windows 10.
    Installed Freelancer, Mod Manager, Cross Fire and played on Mulitiplayer.

    When I docked and disconnected from the Server and shut down Freelancer and reconnected.
    I found that the Server has banned me for no reason.
    It looks like I when I disconnected from the server when I was safely docked.
    Something has tripped a red flag.

    It's weird as I have reformatted my Hard Drive so everything is fresh and updated.
    I don't get it.


    I have followed the Steps you have mentioned and included the 2 log files you requested.
    Hopefully they can shed some light on what is causing the issue.

    I looked at the Log files before and I didn't see any personal information.
    So I don't see an issue uploading it onto this Public space.

    I look forward to hearing from you mate.

    Hi Everyone,

    After all the problems I was experiencing before with my Multi-Player game crashing and the anti-cheat system giving my account a false flag...thinking it was being modified and banning me.
    I have bitten the proverbial bullet and re-installed the whole operating system from scratch.

    I have installed Freelancer, Cross-Fire and Mod Manager.
    The Mod Manager installed fine.
    The Cross-Fire 2.0 installed fine and then I activated the Cross Fire Mod without any issues.

    But when I go into the Launcher and click on Multiplayer or even Single Player.

    The Launcher tries to run...
    It says that Cross-Fire is STARTING...
    Then after a few minutes the screen blinks blank and says that Cross Fire started...
    After that happens, it then says that it's CLOSED and STOPPED RUNNING by itself.

    I don't understand what is happening.

    Things I have tried:

    Gone through each of their UN-INSTALL WIZARDS.
    Then went into the C Drive / Program Folder Directories and deleted their Folder Locations to make sure they are CLEAN.

    But nothing has helped.


    I have also UN-INSTALLED all Virus Scanners or Security as a TEST to see if it made any difference.
    But sadly, it made no difference at all.

    Oh and by the way, AVAST has been re-installed on my Computer, so everyone can rest assured.

    Is this something that is only affecting me? LOL
    I don't remember experiencing this issue before, so this is another annoying road block.
    Frustrating. :/


    Here is the LOG that the Launcher is telling me. :(

    22:19:55.614 --> [i]:Starting Update...
    22:43:25.564 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start
    22:43:28.991 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire
    22:43:31.678 --> [i]:Crossfire is running
    22:43:51.593 --> [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE0
    22:43:52.853 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed
    03:59:07.743 --> [i]:Starting Update...
    04:00:05.988 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start
    04:00:07.192 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire
    04:00:08.626 --> [i]:Crossfire is running
    04:00:14.939 --> [x]:Crossfire Exit - CODE0
    04:00:16.177 --> [i]:Crossfire was closed
    04:06:28.493 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start
    04:06:29.691 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire
    04:06:30.355 --> [i]:Crossfire is running

    It has been a crazy few weekends for me with work and other things cropping up.
    This Saturday I am busy but perhaps on Sunday but I don't know what time as I am working late on that particular day.

    For a weekend around 10:00 pm my local time in Victoria / Australia will be around 2:00 pm mid day for you in Germany I am guessing.

    If we can work out and confirm a suitable does that sound?

    Keep the peace mate. :)

    I live in Australia as I am sure you probably already know.
    So my time right now at the time of posting is 8:15pm Tuesday the 16th of May.
    So I am assuming that Germany is behind us by around 17 or so hours.

    Do you have Skype or Steam Account, something like that?

    The weekend might work, we just need to work out an exact time.
    The late Evening my time would be easier for me to make. (I am not sure what time that would be for you exactly).

    Let me know your thoughts.


    Yeah, I know IP Addresses are captured by every web site we visit.
    Which I don't feel comfortable about but there isn't much I can do about all the covert Government snooping they get up to.
    Ah well, some things we need to live with I guess. We can't fight the PoWER...right? :-/ Ha-Ha

    So for example:
    Still, even though the lock to my front door at home can be overcome by a drill or hammer through the window to gain entry inside.
    I still don't leave my keys inside the barrel of the lock to make things a cake walk for any would be criminal.

    I am NOT saying anyone here would do anything like that, but still...that's how I feel about such things. lol

    Don't get me started on Face Book and all the Data Mining they do on their.
    Capturing all the conversations and analyzing how people comment and post on-line, what they search for On-line and track all your activities On-line...without your consent.

    Did you know even after you delete your Facebook Account they can still guess, 70% track your activities On line by having formulated a digital fingerprint of your activities on-line? Scary, right? :-/

    I'm not going to be one of their Psychological profile experiments for the NSA.
    They'll need to try harder then that.


    As for the remote Team Viewer session.
    Perhaps we can arrange a session sometime to check out the files.
    Depends what hours your are available.
    I am from Australia, so our Time Zones will be very different I imagine.
    Work also puts a spanner in the works.

    Hey Swat Op r8r,

    Can you delete my private IP Address again from that error log dump?
    It's mentioned after every single line.
    I don't want that to be Public Knowledge. Last thing I want is some Hacker trying to have some fun trying to attack my Internet connection.

    Interesting look at the log, I am certainly not cheating or anything even remotely related to that.
    It's some kind of false positive that the anti-cheat system is picking up and doesn't like about my game install.

    I have tried un-installing the Mod completely, deleting the Mod folder.
    I deleted my old copy of the Cross Fire Mod and re-downloaded a new copy.
    I then re-installed the Cross Fire mod.
    Along with un-installing the Freelancer Mod Manager and then I re-installed it.

    So I don't know

    Short of getting a new Computer. :-/

    But I have tried other Freelancer Mods before and I have NEVER experienced this type of problem. Hmmmm... :(

    Looks like I was in system and my connection to server dropped (The game client did NOT crash).
    I was kicked back to the MP SERVER Screen and when I tried to connect I can see the all too familiar message telling me that I am BANNED. :(

    LOL This is getting quiet upsetting now.

    Wow, thanks for the MEGA Post Cryzis...some real meaty responses I need to go over.

    I have tried to Log into the Cross Fire server and it's telling me my Account is still BANNED.
    I am assuming there is a BAN LIST which has Accounts which are BANNED from connecting onto the Server.

    Has this been checked and my Account names/Account ID been removed so I can connect again?


    Well, I have disabled Windows Defender via Group Policy so it shouldn't be a problem again...hopefully.
    Apart from that, I don't have any Anti-Virus programs on this machine which would interfere with the Cross Fire Mod.

    Game has been re-Installed.

    I have tried to Connect to the Cross Fire server but it's still telling me that I am BANNED. :-(

    It's not the Anti-Virus.
    The only thing I have installed is the Windows Defender which is built into the Operating System of Windows 10.

    I had this problem occur previously and after a moderator looked up my account then they were able to UN-BAN my Account.
    When they did this, it allowed my Cross Fire session to Login Online and play normally.

    There was nothing more that I needed to do or change.