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    some suggestions for the launcher to show following info:

    - how many players are online right now

    - what event is currently running in X system (nomad, radiation, whatever)

    - upcoming serverevent (date+clock)

    thats all i can think of

    EDIT: It would be nice if we could have the vanilla freelancer musik in the main menu.

    wait a second. lancersreactor is yours too?

    i have a few thoughts about all this:

    1: If the filebase and costs are huge the best solution is to simply reduce it. lots of stuff here is available to download, just make the crossfire client itself downloadable and forget the rest. this way you need less storage.

    2: it isnt worth it to have you financially make you everything if the community does not lend a helping hand. the logical solution is to shutdown, as much as it pains

    3: i think the lack of support is not something this server can do much about it. freelancer is a very old game and many people moved on to other games. even discoverys active players are shrinking so dont be too hard on yourself for that. its natural.

    4: i will do a small donation (i lost my current job sadly). hopefully it will inspire others to give a few euros.

    i have another idea to cater explorers and fighters. we have a huge universe that goes beyond sirius. we need to make use of this.

    place a persistent jumphole in the X System. that jumphole will lead to all systems with the use of RNG (Name it roulette, casino, whatever). once you land in that random system you have a certain task to fulfill ex. "kill x faction ship in x minutes". if the challenge is a success, players get rewarded with money or a random item. that random item should be from a certain reward pool depending on which system we talk about. anyways after the challenge, the player is given the option to go for a next-level challenge for better rewards or return to X. you could even place a visual leaderboard in the game to fire people up.

    obviously we could spice it up and make it so it works for factions, ex. only fight enemies of the faction you are affiliated with.

    if such a thing is feasible given the limited nature of the freelancer engine that is.

    You agitate players and then you act like "oh i didnt do anything". Do you think we are that stupid? You still think im mad bcus you taxed me which is bullshit, i am mad because you bend the rules for the sake of trolling people and this drives OTHER players away from this server. We lost a player (vampi) because he said people like you here can do what they want and get away with it and then left the game. Thats what you fail to realize. We lose players because you think you can do what you want.

    I am happy to roleplay, pay or fight but you sneak up and attack instantly despite prompting me to pay.

    Like i said i am NOT alone with this opinion. Ask Lashan and Vampiy they are the ONLY witnesses.


    IMHO CF has the Roles, but misses the Play. There're no stories to be played, which would be neccessary for Roleplay.

    There are 2 ways to solve this from the top of my head

    1: go the way discovery goes and disallow docking on stations you are not a member of the corresponding faction. Enforce strict RP like discovery. Choose one faction and go live like that. Remove ways for easy RP manipulation. Basically crossfire: discovery

    2: VERY RISKY: reset the entire progress in the server for all players. This way all players have something to do but with a twist: They can choose their starting base and start with the factions they want to be affiliated with from the get-go. Nothing else changes. Their starting ship and equipment is what the standard is in the current system they spawn from that faction


    CF needs active players and it needs funding

    Let me tell you straight away with the way current things are we will not get new players and the current ones will leave. Why?

    Yesterday i just returned to the game. The first thing that happened that night? A pirate shows up and taxes me. he sends the TAX prompt to me and stops my ship. fair enough, i wanna press /pay what does this fine gentleman do? he sends the tax prompt and then INSTANTLY shoots you down, accusing you of "taking too long"

    The rest is history. My ship is shot down and i lost a total of 8 war'sy guns that night. the pirate is having the time of his life and "holt sich davon einen runter" and i can go and farm my stuff again. great, right?

    The gaming market is oversaturated with good space games, if i wouldnt care about crossfire mod i would just silently leave
    Fix your Rule enforcing OR have none at all! I am happy to spend money, if i feel the rule enforcing is there! I am happy to recommend crossfire to my friends, if the playing ground and rules are enforced equally to everyone!

    A serious question to all GR and OP: Would you continue to play this game, if you were in my position after what happened yesterday, which is the tip of the iceberg?

    The worst of all? I am not the only one who has this sentiment.

    (bit late to the party) impressive. i was looking for a reason to come back, the fact that a new faction with its own jobs is there plus some ships make it worthwhile. good update, time to grind some nomads : )

    Hmm it's a shame the page requires javascript. javascript is ethically questionable because it's non-free.

    regardless, i think the forum looks very clean and professional. good job OP

    yep, one opinion
    my opinion is very different from that when I look at how many different components have to be compatible, the support and most important the possibility to do upgrades without losing data.

    Yeah and i disagree. now you have to pay a lot of euros to a company (400+ euro ?) but i am convinced there are cheaper solutions out there

    regardless, i want to contribute and just made a donation. hope it helps a bit.