small commodity race

  • objective: buy some special commodities on special stations and head to destination as fast as possible

    results for event on 18.11.2013

    1st: 30 mill
    2nd: 25 mill
    3rd: 20 mill
    4th: 15 mill

    1st commodity: Diamonds from BS Rio Grande in Colorado
    2nd commodity: Copper from BS Yukon in California
    3rd commodity: Boron from BS Mississippi in Texas
    we started from planet Manhatten and ended at BS Missouri in New York.

    winner in 23:15 min was Original_Seven - Congratz m8
    2nd place (just few seconds later): Armendrom
    3rd place: (International-Judge) he was kicked twice by cargo-cheat-bug :(
    4th place: muratthdark

    Thx for coming and see u in BIG RACE :D (yeah some participants told me so)

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