The Creation of The Role Players Allliance! (RPA)

  • The Role Players Alliance! (RPA meeting time is Thursdays 6 PM MET.)

    The RPA is a team of clans and freelancers who care about the integrity and enjoyment of the Crossfire Server and its RP.
    It is the sole goal, duty and purpose of the RPA to create and establish a progressive and fun role play storyline, and see to it that the RP is ongoing every day.
    Our hope is that in the future the Role Play can continue on its own without needing to be forced into progression.

    The RPA is not a clan, therefor a tag is not necessary for the members of the RPA.


    RPA CHIEF COMMANDER: (Description Pending)

    (New Description Pending)

    RPA Enforcers: The Enforcers are a branch of the RPA that helps create and enforce RP. They are also instramental in creating the RP story and various other RP related ideas/suggestions.
    (IOC) Horus

    The story so far: WIP

    List of ways to politely and effectively RP: (Please remember that all RPing should be done in a polite and friendly manner so that everyone can have fun.) Everything here is a work in progress and is subject to change at any time.

    Bounties and Interaction
    Bounty hunting can be seen as a criminal act. Police can and should inspect pilots to look for a merc license, and follow those with a bounty to help defend and escort them until their bounty goes away. Police and Pirates can search for and hunt mercs who have just performed a bounty kill, depending on if the pilot was lawful (Police) or unlawful (Pirate)
    ((This is only a suggestion for now. If anyone thinks this is a good or bad idea, send me a PM because these posts are closed and therefor unable to be replied too))

    Police: For a full description of the Police RP, look HERE
    Defend traders and freelancers when they are under attack by pirates.
    Go to the aid of other clans should their systems be invaded by an enemy pirate or clan.
    Help provide assistance to those that are having a hard time figure something out.
    Search out Smugglers and demad that the drop their illegal goods. If they drop their cargo, destroy it and let them go on their way. If they resist, attack and kill them, then fine them for resisting arrest.

    Pirates: For a full description of the PIrate RP, look HERE
    Attempt to tax police, traders and other pirates. Should taxing fail, announce you will be attacking, and fire upon said target.
    Clan systems may only be invaded if the invaders and the clan leaders of said system agree that RP can accur in their system. Asside from that clan systems are exempt from any and all RP unless otherwise stated.
    Hinder the polices job in assisting others.

    For a full description of the Mercenary RP, look HERE
    Offer your services to a pirate, trader, police or freelancer for a price (To be decided upon contract) Make sure to announce to everyone involved that you have a contract with said contractor.
    Others can also hire mercs to assist them. Payment will be discussed upon contract, should a payment be required.

    Smuggler: For a full description of the Smuggler RP, look HERE
    Pick up BGMs and other illegal goods and smuggle them into other clan systems(To be discussed during RP) while fighting off or running from enemy police and pirates.
    Attempt to smuggle weapons and equipment from one clan system and sell them to an enemy clan for equal or greater profit. (Only if agreed upon by the leaders of every clan involved)

    List of ingame characters/Clans and their RP roles: (Work in Progress)