Civil Warcraft

The Giedi Prime mission. Was quite hard, but Air Defense platforms, Sardaukar Elites, Advanced Carryalls and Inkvine Catapults saved the day.

As for the mission itself - it is pretty much Harkonnen Civil War. Baron Rakkam Harkonnen died, his senior son Copec took the throne, and you have the choice: siding with Copec (who resides on Giedi Prime) and the baron's younger son Gunseng (who oversees Harkonnen operations on Arrakis and opposes Copec's inheritance).
They all are evil so I sided with Gunseng; because a) he's not an arsehole like Copec; b) he didn't actually poison his own father (what exactly Copec did).

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  • is this emperor battle for dune ?

  • Dune is defnitelly my favourite sci-fi. The most I liked first book, had read it at least 10 times if not more :) .. could be right time for another go :D

    • Before you start nitpicking, the game in question doesn't entirely correspond to the books. The most glaring differences are symbol and theme color of House Harkonnen and the entirety of House Ordos.