WoWS - Cruiser Varyag

"Auf Deck, Kameraden, all' auf Deck!

Heraus zur letzten Parade!

Der stolze Warjag ergibt sich nicht,

Wir brauchen keine Gnade!"

(Rudolf Greinz, "Der „Warjag“" 1904,)

Not all premium ships in WoWS are high-tier. There are also some pretty low-tier premium ships, sometimes given out as gifts or marathon rewards. Naturally, most of these ships belong to pre-dreadnought/early dreadnought era; such as the HMS Dreadnought herself.

Varyag, the Russian Tier III cruiser, is one of such examples. It is a moderately fast and moderately agile cruiser with a bunch of dinky guns and not much else; closer to St. Louis or Bogatyr. I suspect its addition to the game has more to do with the ship's history than anything.

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  • that looks heavily armored that sweet pic mate

    • It isn't actually really armored, according to its armor scheme most of its hull plating is about 6-15 mm thick.

    • ahh it was the colour of the sides very nice ship though can u get submarines in that game

    • Submarines are on their way.

      Also, I've changed the camo color scheme so it's black now.

    • nice man that be crazy with sub marines haha

    • Eh, I doubt that was a good decision. That would also make battleships less useful as they wouldn't have a way to deal with submarines (well, unless WG arms the Spotter Planes and Catapult Fighters with depth charges). Also with how WG tries to implement ASW the destroyers are going to become way too important in countering them.

  • Also, this is an old screenshot, from before the lighting rework. Probably taken from watching a replay.

    Basically, I've got this ship into my port together with a 3-skill point captain and a port slot right after my first WoWS battle as a World of Tanks cross-promotion reward. Naturally it was the first Tier III ship I have ever had, and it came handy when I was starting out: it had economical bonuses and it was rather simple to play after I got the hang of its mortar-like ballistics (which actually could be helpful when firing at the ships beyond islands).

    Naturally, it still comes handy as a training/accomodation ship: being a Premium ship it can accept any Russian commander without retraining. It currently houses a commander I'm planning to spec for Soviet DDs.