Raimondo Montecuccoli (Italian Cruiser line; Early Access)

Raimondo Montecuccoli, the Italian Tier V tech-tree cruiser (Condottieri class, third series aka Condottieri C).

The Update 0.8.9 brought the early access to Italian Tier V-VIII cruisers to the game. The upcoming ships will have two peculiar options: Semi-AP Shells (at the cost of regular HE shells) and Full Speed Smoke Generator (at the cost of Hydroacoustic Search).

So far I have only got the Tier V. It's very fast, but poorly armored (like Kirov, which makes sense as Project 26 was based on Condottieri class and the lead ship Kirov, was equipped with Italian-made machinery originally intended for Condottieri D subclass). The guns are somewhat decent, but lack of HE makes dealing with battleships difficult. It also has torpedoes, but... only two tubes per side, the fishes are pretty long-ranged, but slow and don't seem to deal much damage, so far seem useful for area denial or turning yourself pink. Well... at least they seem to relaod fast enough.