Steaming Into Range

Alternate title: "Kirov Reporting!"

The Soviet Tier V cruiser Kirov (a.k.a. Project 26) is one of my most favorite ships from WoWS. In a way, this ship sets up the gameplay of further Soviet cruisers all the way to Tier IX - fragile, not well maneuverable, fast, armed with long ranged guns and "mutually assured destruction weapon" torpedoes, and rather beautiful.

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  • Also I think I should have probably made a screenshot with the stock hull Kirov. Because Kirov has a spotter plane (Beriev KOR-1) with a catapult in the stock hull, but it's gone from the stock hull.

    That wouldn't make sense from the gameplay PoV (as the Tiers VI and VII do have the catapult and Spotter Plane; which is very useful for Soviet cruisers) and it's because historical Light Cruiser Kirov eventually landed its catapult.