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Multiplayer PickUps

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Repair - Fully Repairs your shields and armors.
Missile - Gives you one missile.
Shield's Down - Disables your shields for a limited amount of time.
Counter Measure - Prevents enemy missiles from locking on. Press down on the D button.
Invulnerability - Makes you indestructible for a limited time.
Proximity Mine - Gives you one mine. Deploy with the launch missile key.
Fuel - Provides additional aftermurner fuel.
Reverse Yoke - Reverses the directions of the pitch and yaw controls.
Ship Cloak - Gives you limited time invisibility. If you fire a weapon you become visible.
Half-Max Speed - Decreases your maximum speed for a limited time.
Comm Relay - Provides immunity from the 'Dark Reign' gun platform.
Beacon - Collect several to trigger a nuclear strike, killing all opponents.
Tag Bomb Countdown Timer - Indicates when a bomb explodes. Shoot another ship to pass the bomb.
Vampire - Appears if you are tagged as a vampire.
Shadow - Appears if you attain shadow status.

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