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Consisting entirely of volunteers, some that lack any military training whatsoever, the 45th finds itself getting little respect from other Western Alliance squadrons. Seen as expendable, they've been assigned the most dangerous assignments with the worst possible, obsolete equipment.  

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As a member of the 45th, you'll begin the campaign on the good ol' ANS Reliant, an out-of-date carrier. Some of the more... colorful... personalities that you'll be working with on the Reliant include:

CAPTAIN ROBERT FOSTER / 57 / male / UK / ANS Reliant

Military history
Graduated top of his class at the Academy. Extensive military experience as both a pilot and Commander. Served in both the Luna conflict and the Europa uprising. Highly decorated with a long and distinguished career.
Qualified on all known Alliance fighters and Carrier Class ships.
Captain of the ANS Reliant, a veteran who came out of retirement after both of his sons were killed in action during the outbreak of the war. It was originally his plan to form the 45th Volunteer squadron, realising that the Alliance faced a critical shortage of pilots. An accomplished and resourceful tactician, he commands great respect from his officers and crew. His career spans nearly four decades, from flying combat fighters to the command of the largest ships in the fleet. Preferring active service to hiding in a command bunker, he deftly avoided promotion to a higher rank for years, before retiring as the Alliance's most decorated ship captain ever. A tough and resilient leader in action.


Hispanic American / ANS Reliant / "Red Fox"

Military history
Honours graduate from the Academy. Extensive military action as a commanding officer. 21 confirmed kills.
Qualified on most Alliance craft.
She attended the academy on scholarship and graduated in under 3 years. Enriquez has served in several battle groups as a pilot, rising quickly to the rank of squadron leader, but had moved on to civilian life when war broke out and was recalled to active duty. A talented tactician, she also has the ability to motivate those under her command. Still a very capable fighter pilot, she can usually be found co-ordinating missions from carrier command, or her own combat ship. A born leader. Intelligent, tough and resourceful.

MIKE HORRIGAN / 34 / USA / ANS Reliant / "Moose"

Military history
Regular army flight school. Has seen combat in all areas of conflict for the last 10 years. 5 confirmed kills.
Specialised in navigation and ship systems. Qualified for class I and ll Alliance fighter craft.
A veteran who was born to fight, not one to back down in a difficult situation. A good team player who will stick by his fellow pilots through thick and thin. Resourceful and intelligent with a strong sense of duty, he is well liked by fellow pilots and superiors. He has turned down promotion opportunities to stay in a combat seat. Intelligent, strong willed and resourceful.  

Some of the 45th Squadron Pilots you'll run across...

JEAN-MARC BAPTIST / 25 / male / French / "Frenchy"
Preferred ship: Mirage
Military history
Graduate of the French Military academy. No previous combat experience.
Qualified to fly most fighter type spacecraft.
Vengeance is his main motivation. He hates the Coalition as they destroyed his beloved French fleet along with his brother in the early days of the conflict. His vengeful approach can sometimes be unsettling to comrades, but he is good fighter nevertheless. Anger is his motivation. He is a vicious enemy to have.

JULIE BROWNE / 35 / female / UK / "Flash"
Preferred ship: Naginata
Military history
Top half of Royal academy, she has served in military intelligence the last 5 years. 10 confirmed kills.
Qualified on all type of Alliance craft.
Her family is one of the most prestigious in all of England. After graduating from the Royal academy with Honours, she served 8 years in combat air support roles. She volunteered for combat flight duty immediately after the outbreak of the war. Highly analytical to a fault.

And on other ships...


Military history
Top of his class in the Academy. Extensive military strategy and combat experience.
Qualified on all Alliance craft.
Captain of the Yamato. The youngest graduate in Academy history, graduating top of his class aged 19, he rose through the ranks without a blemish on his record. His leadership has produced kill ratios amongst the highest in the Alliance, and he is renowned for his coolness and depth of military knowledge. Once one of the best fighter pilots of his generation, he played a vital roll in some of the later, more hazardous colonisation campaigns. Although not known for his charisma, he is renowned for his toughness and courage. A much respected commander, both with his pilots and superiors. An excellent strategic mind. Fair, calm, but tough.

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