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Crossfire universe offers for your ships various equipment which can improve ship abilities, add special functions or even change ship look!



Reg. Rate
Armet H. F. Shield 110490Positron
Armet L. F. Shield 110450Positron
Sentry L. F. Shield 113600Graviton
Rampart H. F. Shield 110490Molecular
Sentry H. F. Shield 114654Graviton
Armet Fr. Shield 112570Positron
Sentry Fr. Shield 117765Graviton
Rampart Fr. Shield 112570Molecular
Rampart L. F. Shield 110450Molecular
Adv. Rampart H. F. Shield214670Molecular
Adv. Rampart Fr. Shield217790Molecular
Adv. Sentry H. F. Shield219894Graviton
Adv. Rampart L. F. Shield213620Molecular
Adv. Armet L. F. Shield213620Positron
Adv. Sentry Fr. Shield2231047Graviton
Adv. Armet Fr. Shield 217790Positron
Adv. Sentry L. F. Shield218821Graviton
Adv. Armet H. F. Shield214670Positron
Cuisse L. F. Shield 318840Positron
Cuisse Fr. Shield 3241080Positron
Sconce H. F. Shield 320920Molecular
Guardian H. F. Shield 3271225Graviton
Guardian L. F. Shield 3251124Graviton
Sconce L. F. Shield 318840Molecular
Sconce Fr. Shield 3241080Molecular
Cuisse H. F. Shield 320920Positron
Guardian Fr. Shield 3311433Graviton
Adv. Sconce L. F. Shield4251150Molecular
Adv. Guardian H. F. Shield4371677Graviton
Adv. Cuisse Fr. Shield4321470Positron
Adv. Cuisse H. F. Shield4281260Positron
Adv. Sconce Fr. Shield4321470Molecular
Adv. Guardian L. F. Shield4341539Graviton
Adv. Cuisse L. F. Shield4251150Positron
Adv. Sconce H. F. Shield4281260Molecular
Adv. Guardian Fr. Shield4431962Graviton
Sentinel Fr. Shield 5592687Graviton
Pourpoint H. F. Shield5381720Positron
Pourpoint Fr. Shield 5442020Positron
Palisade Fr. Shield 5442020Molecular
Palisade H. F. Shield 5381720Molecular
Palisade L. F. Shield 5351580Molecular
Pourpoint L. F. Shield5351580Positron
Sentinel H. F. Shield 5512296Graviton
Sentinel L. F. Shield 5462107Graviton
Adv. Palisade H. F. Shield6522360Molecular
Adv. Palisade Fr. Shield6612760Molecular
Adv. Sentinel L. F. Shield6642884Graviton
Adv. Pourpoint L. F. Shield6482160Positron
Adv. Pourpoint Fr. Shield6612760Positron
Adv. Palisade L. F. Shield6482160Molecular
Adv. Pourpoint H. F. Shield6522360Positron
Adv. Sentinel Fr. Shield6813677Graviton
Adv. Sentinel H. F. Shield6693143Graviton
Order H. F. Shield 6693143Graviton
Bulwark Fr. Shield 7843780Molecular
Aegis Fr. Shield 7843780Positron
Aegis H. F. Shield 7713230Positron
Protector L. F. Shield7873948Graviton
Aegis L. F. Shield 7652960Positron
Bulwark H. F. Shield 7713230Molecular
Protector Fr. Shield 71115034Graviton
Protector H. F. Shield7954303Graviton
Bulwark L. F. Shield 7652960Molecular
Adv. Bulwark L. F. Shield8904050Molecular
Adv. Protector H.F. Shield81305890Graviton
Adv. Aegis H. F. Shield8984420Positron
Adv. Aegis L. F. Shield8904050Positron
Adv. Protector L. F. Shield81205404Graviton
Adv. Bulwark H. F. Shield8984420Molecular
Brigandine H. F. Shield91346050Positron
Barrier H. F. Shield 91346050Molecular
Champion H. F. Shield91798063Graviton
Adv. Barrier H. F. Shield101848280Molecular
Adv. Brigandine H. F. Shield101848280Positron
Adv. Barrier H. F. Shield MK II
Adv. Brigandine H. F. Shield MK II
Adv. Champion H.F. Shield
Sup. Aegis Fr. Shield (clan base product)
Sup. Aegis L. F. Shield (clan base product)
Sup. Brigandine H. F. Shield (clan base product)


Max ForcePower Usage
Max Speed
Order Thruster72.0150200
Deluxe Thruster72.0150200
Heavy Thruster72.0133200
Advanced Thruster72.0125200
Helium Polymer Thruster75.6125206
Advanced Helium Polymer Thruster
Xenon Thruster79.2125212
Advanced Xenon Thruster
Hydroxin Thruster82.8125218
Advanced Hydroxin Thruster
Superior Helium Thruster (clan base product)
Superior Hydroxin Thruster (clan base product)
Superior Xenon Thruster (clan base product)


Barium Container
Beryllium Container
Carbon Container
Cobalt Container
Iridium Container
Titanium Container
Zinc Container

IMPORTANT: Each one container uses 400! units of the cargo space (NEW in 2.0) and can be equipped only on Train or Soulforge Train ships. Theirs trading routes and prices are PRESET (and unaffected by dynamic economy) - between all main NPCs factions planets in Sol (Earth) and Sirius (Planet Manhattan, Planet New London, Planet New Berlin, Planet New Tokyo, Planet Malta, Planet Crete). Containers can be there purchased in equipment stores, they works like any other ship equipment (trains have 4 or 6 extra equipment slots for them). If is your ship destroyed (NPCs, player) and you re-spawn, you will still have all those containers. In combat they can be damaged or destroyed.

Damaged container have lower sell price!


Scan RangeCargo ScanPrice
Deep Scanner5.0002.000$100.000
Adv. Deep Scanner7.5006.000$1.000.000
Subspace Scanner10.0008.000$5.000.000
Adv. Subspace Scanner12.50010.000$9.999.999


Mercenary License
Police License
Smugglers Syndicate License
Pirate Syndicate License

Players must have one (ONLY ONE!) of those licenses mounted on his ship for active participation in Crossfire Roleplay!

Power Generators

CapacityCharge RatePrice
Power Generator MK I10.4001.140$1.909.000
Power Generator MK II10.4001.240$3.256.567
Power Generator MK III10.4001.340$5.674.531
Power Generator MK IV10.4001.440$7.307.873
Power Generator MK V10.4001.540$9.578.765

WARNING: Once you buy and equip any Power Generator (PG) it becomes an integral part of your ship replacing the ship's original reactor. NEVER UNEQUIP AND SELL THIS PG! - If you do this, you will irreparably damage your character! If you want to unequip PG for transfer (for new ship or other character), and not do irreparable damage your character then look on How to safe unequip Power Generator!

Is also strongly advised do not equip power generators on ships with "infinite" energy like are trains, liners, battleships etc. ... if was done, it may be very costly experience for you. You can remove power generator only with buy another ship.

Shield Upgrades

Shield regeneration
raised by
Shield Upgrade MK I2 units$1.132.876
Shield Upgrade MK II4 units$1.876.987
Shield Upgrade MK III6 units$2.567.876
Shield Upgrade MK IV8 units$3.876.543
Shield Upgrade MK V10 units$4.767.666
Shield Upgrade MK VI12 units$5.655.768
Shield Upgrade MK VII14 units$6.987.654
Shield Upgrade MK VIII16 units$7.543.298
Shield Upgrade MK IX18 units$8.453.432
Shield Upgrade MK X20 units$9.467.677

All Shield Upgrades are equipment lvl 9 (this means that they can't be used on most freighters) and helps raise shield regeneration on your ship.

Armor Upgrades

Hull add %Price
Armor Class 110 %$1.000.000
Armor Class 220 %$2.000.000
Armor Class 330 %$3.000.000
Armor Class 440 %$4.000.000
Armor Class 550 %$5.000.000
Armor Class 660 %$6.000.000
Armor Class 770 %$7.000.000
Armor Class 880 %$8.000.000
Armor Class 990 %$9.000.000
Armor Class 10100 %$9.999.999

Those armor upgrades will add more resistance to your ship hull. Downside is that they will add more mass - loss of maneuverability and bigger inertia effect! Can be purchased on Planet Crossfire (X-3043) and Earth (Sol).

Weight Reductions

Upside is less Inertia, faster (a bit) acceleration and strafe. Downside is cargo space reduction.


Cloaking Device (only for Multiplayer)
Holoprojector Ulysses
Holoprojector Yamato
Holoprojector Bremen

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