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    Well, the Elder looks kind of different from the Wiki now after i reinstalled. But somehow this pure design is nice as well... So i guess i'd just say screw this, i'm keeping this version :D


    Ok, i could recover one of the links from my browser chronic... but i think i found the problem on my side, though it's just a hypothesis. I had another mod installed before, maybe the data of both are interfering... since FL is kind of bitchy today, i'll try a clean reinstall, got my account ID safe with FAM

    Size Folder 8,06 GB (8.660.450.572 Bytes)

    Size on Hard disc 8,10 GB (8.701.493.248 Bytes)

    Files 18.186 Dateien, 901 Ordner

    System Info -> BEHOLD!

    Graphic Card-> first   second   third

    And yeah, i know my graphics driver is old, i had to install that one for the newest version would bug with Earth 2160, i terms of no particles would be visible

    Well, i downloaded the package from modDB, maybe that one is corrupt? Ah well, i'll reinstall it in due time, for now i'll just smuggle away, good sir!:salutes

    Alright. Thanks for the help, guys. I guess i got to put something in the Tip-Jar once i get my next paycheck, for all the trouble i cause XD

    Well, i got to live with some missing textures then, it could be much worse

    Well, since i also don't know which ones are missing, i just thought i could replace ALL textures, so i am not asking for single textures but a complete package

    No, that's not the problem, Watanabe. I have everything maxed out. The problem is, that some ships like the Elder are completely white except for the windows, It's just on my side, i had it confirmed ingame

    Well, since i am missing some textures of some ships, i wanted to ask if there was a possibility to get the textures in a separate file. I could as well reinstall via the mod manager, though if i deactivate and try to reinstall, it gets f*cked up beyond any repairs, meaning the installation of FL itself gets damaged.

    Well, it can't be helped then. But in relation to the vast amount of Ships available to the players, one or two bugged culprits is a good cut in my oppinion. I just hope it's not the same with the dreadnoughts lol

    Good work, guys!

    Huh? That's odd, since all the other destroyers work perfectly, well at least in terms of docking on tradelanes and jumpgates. And the Liberty Cruiser seems to have the same dimensions as the Order Destroyer. It's just that most of the times the culprit either docks too high or too low, gets stuck like the NPC trains...

    Well, i am testing ships in Single Player at the moment and i just noticed, the docking behaviour on tradelanes and jumpgates of the Order Destroyer is seriously bugged. I used the search before and found nothing about this. So i thought i'd hand out this information.