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    Today i buy 2 cloak components and mount them both (unmount license). I go to buy 3-d one to Relenth, but when i came to Soror, Red Lag happends.
    I stop to w8 until it will finish< but server kicked me.
    When i reload game with loader< i found myself in Zhiklor on base where i was last docking.
    WITHOUT LICENSE, MORE THAN 20 GUNS FROM CARGO and without 150 energy cristalls. :suchend:

    [UR]GrandAndreasK send me the screenshot where it's saing that i use F-1 : screen100.jpg
    I was not using F-1. :thumbdown:

    Sure i will not shoot myself< but hope that such problems will be not useal... :love:

    8| Found that my ID was corrupted not cause of equip-limit but cause of CHAR limit - at the same day when i make 9-th char. :thumbdown:
    So... 8 is O'k, but no more on one ID.