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  • I'm a Veteran player of 17 years, I think I bought the game in 2003. This game is my favorite and I fully understand why people still enjoy the mods-they rock and crossfire 2.0 is my all time favorite-it helps me with my P.T.S.D., I'm a war veteran and the flashbacks/nightmares are horrendous at times, so I have to escape from the planet and engulf my thoughts with this game. I've been praying for God to heal me, but I guess he will get to me in due time. I would be grateful for any prayers from fellow players- for Player: badbob4546, I was a semi-pro M.M.A. fighter when I was a young-man -hence the nickname , I was in the light heavyweight division and fought against some Olympic athletes and Pro's -man they try to knock you're dang head off!

    I admire intelligent people like the ones you find here at SWAT-PORTAL-they enjoy complicated strategy games and outsmart idiots like me all day long and I admit that I'm intimidated with some of the smarter ones, but it's still fun to try and get slaughtered,LOL. Thank you for reading this and I will keep everyone in my prayers. God bless to all.