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  • tulip score is +17 do the math he made 29 kills 2 suicides 10 deaths so 29 kills -12 deaths =17 in AZ09 post has +37 and if this event was unfair i wonder how unfair or fair this one was (Quote)
  • (Quote)i can confirm that tulip left the event (log off )for 5 minutes more or less due his internet problems
  • yes you SA was the whole event on my ass 90% of time ,sure strategy ,i was force many times to sw target on you becouse all the time when you undock i was target by you , under this condition i was not able to go after tulip and stil i kill him 3-4 times, you say that tulip ignore your commands, the guy dont speak english and i dont think is ok to force someone to make what you want ,i think in a event can be picked whatever target you want as long is not in same team with you and if your tactic…