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  • Sorry I couldn't make it for this event. I was out on a friends farm helping them out all day. I hope to make it to the next one though Great to see |DP|Flocky back and active again
  • Great Event. Thanks Wanderer for arranging this Had a great time and had a great team with me Also well done to the other team who were there
  • Another Great and Fun Event Hosted by Wanderer. Well done all who took part A lot of fun was had during the event and after as well.
  • Well done to all participants in the Doms events. Seems a popular and well liked event Congrats to the winning teams as well Also to Dark. It can be a hard event if you have had none to little Inner Core experience before. Dont be disheartened by not doing to well. It happens to all of us sometimes
  • Hehe. About the gunboats. that was easier said than done Lots of gunboats where we were Killed quite a few but had bad luck with them not dropping guns It was a good fun event, just a pity I disgraced myself again on this one