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  • Hello all EDIT:I am co-host of the Nomad gun hunt event, and also now the manager of Top gun event. Hope to see u all at there! Lashan
  • Hi all I am just posting this to let everyone know, that all Event manager positions are currently filled up and have several backup Event managers standing by to host events when primary hosts are not on. so at the moment, no new event managers will be accepted for the time being. if it becomes clear to me there the situation changes, i will give the appropriate update. thank you
  • yes indeed...lets stop the spam plz. I have instructed all EMs several times through both the recent EM meeting and server-side to host the events at their aloted time. as it has been outlined, with some EMs having RL troubles, that is why we have some backup EMs to take control of events if the primary host is not available. me and all other EMs endeavor to keep all events on time with their days as best we can. so if a EM isnt online at the exact time of the event, plz standby and either a ba…