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  • WELL DONE BOYS!!!!! There's really no limit to what we "know". It is rumoured And I know that Trent wasn't the clean cut goodie, goodie boy he appeared to be. My understanding is that Trent had been marketing weapons to the Nomads and was followed to Station Freeport-7 by the Nomads, who did not know its exact location. They were in stealth (not sure if that's the right word) mode and he never saw them. His own craft was taken in for repairs shortly after his arrival at Freeport-7. Stealth mode…
  • (Quote from Ajay)Sorry. Remind me who Syd is …….. Thanks.
  • (Quote from denne)Can't link to this thread: \Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\Freelancer 2 - Crossfire\DATA\Movies\story.wmv I also found this: Edison Trent was presumably born on the Planet Leeds in Bretonia space. As a child, his parents were killed in a tragic accident, and he was taken in by a family friend, Richard Winston Tobias, the equipment dealer on Leeds. After completing his apprenticeship to Tobias as a spacecraft mechanic, Trent grew restless. Leaving his girlfriend Vanessa behind, Tr…
  • (Quote from ringotwin)Love it !!!!!!!