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  • 1. This could have been arranged by Lonnigan. Another question, what was Liberty doing there (the rescued people were deliviered to Manhattan and a couple of Defenders were escorting the transport leaving the area) when the closest House to Freeport 7 is Rheinland?
  • Well, another detail: The Order used FP7 as a neutral ground to cut a deal with Syd and obtain the artifact McGuffin. I doubt the Order's intel would be that lousy to miss or ignore the giant Nomad Gate in the system. So basically, they chose a station in the same system with the Nomad Gate and didn't see the Nomad attack coming? Moreover, why did they pick Freeport 7? Syd stole the Artifact from Planet Pygar, Omicron Theta. Since back then FP7 could only be accessed from Quantos, he would have…
  • Syd is the thief who stole the artifact from Sinclair on Planet Pygar.