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  • Hello, new to Crossfire mod, i have 2 small issues ( if they can be called issues =P ) First of all, I've installed freelancer then flmm 1.31 then Crossfire 2.0, When i launch the game from the shortcut ( crossfire shortcut ) runs fine an all but the splash screen and everything else looks vanilla, how do i know if i'm running the mod for sp? second question i read about a launcher i tried one from the files section but it gives me a error with the qtnetwork4.dll and the exe gives the same erro…
  • (Quote from (IOC)Wanderer)Yeah, after installing first FLMM 1.31 that comes with the then the mod CF and the FLMM opens at the end of the installed the mod appears to be enabled by default when i launch FLMM also if i try to uncheck the mod it gives me error that couldn't deactivate the modwhat i'm missing? @editI dunno what i did wrong, my 4th trial worked now, and followed the same procedure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯