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  • I wish to mention a subject which i raised once before, and wonder if it could be looked at again. Really good ships that have only rear firing turrents. Some with low armour ratings. I don,t know any player the flys,while firing to his rear in battle. Happy to be corrected if there is. Thinking mirage,griffin and a few others. Wonder if they could be made to fire 360 deg like the rest.On the point of start of money for newbie,s. Could this be raised to an amount to give them more incentive. Mor…
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R)Hi Op, been on for hours and found no trouble with the npc,s behaviour. At this stage,if anything. Its improved for me. They had been acting eratical and now settled down. Will see how it progresses.
  • It is happening to more players Op, including me on a daily basis. However this has been going on for me since three or four days after the new server came in to action. I just put it down to my computer or just me. Hence no ticket or mention. But it become more frequent lately. Example, played for many hours with n/p, then had three ktd ( kicked to desktop ) a minute apart. Then nothing all was good again. Example today, while officer tribbs was on i was flying in sos and ktd. Logged on, then a…
  • Today 23/1, Server was stable. Have not had any problems what so ever. No ktd,s and no eratic beviour from npc,s. File download on launcher first one was 32 then second was 30 so again put it down to you doing something at some stage, maybe. Appreciate your work Op
  • 25/1 Still stable for me. Launcher still on 30 downloads, so seems to be where it,s going to sit. No eratic behaviour, or ctd, or npc problems
  • After reading these posts, and first up. Respect other players, and there individual situations. Respectfully !!! I am also well up the age bracket. Have had no problems with the mod as it is at the present and future updates.Set backs "yes". But overcame them and moved on. To me its like life, and how you handle its challenges that appear in front of you. For me, is exactly why i have been here a long time. The mod is a great test to mentality and physical reactions. Everything has a possible o…
  • your time is a appreciated as always op. checked all again yesterday. ships still the same. shooting star also has right gun is joined to frame left gun ok. again its only when they are docked all good when launched.
  • Thank you Martind. Problem solved. Only had performance on half, but still did what you suggested. Moved slider to min and logged off and on. Then moved slider back to 1/2 and logged off and on again. All fixed. Ships now appear in loading bay, and fully textured. All back to normal.
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R)experienced these jumpholes today and was blown away with the effects. great work op well done
  • family comes first op. i would think with all you have done and maybe continue to do. you should be congratulated for. mighty effort. as a daily player see lots of new pilots on the mod in my time zone. certain aspects have change but there is players still on. there will always the knockers who have nothing better to do with there time but whinge. ignore them.