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  • you mean the lag jumping from one system to another? I also have experienced this lately. But it got worse from the moment i inceased the texture size - one of your modding examples.Maybe its due to graphic lag - but as its in inter system jumps where you cant do anything at all - i dont really care about this lag. Its just 1 or 2 seconds at maximum. In general just a fraction of a second.
  • not sure i suffer under these frame drops, although i have never measured. But i dont see the graphics to start shaking. I could imaging with frame drops in SC its hard to travel freely to the target position, which would surely rob nerves. Luckily that all works pretty well
  • Maybe its a BIOS setting if its an onboard card? Have had this too and deactivated switchable graphics in the BIOS, which now runs better, although i am not playing FD on this PC. But know that this could harm GPU performance.