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  • Just hint: Do some recon first, pick a proper place. Do a some great looking screenshots from there. It can be put all together for short article published in moddb. Could bring some new players on the server (or return some).
  • Article on moddb created from Ajay post . To be shown need to be approved first. Jormdar survey news - Crossfire 2.0 mod for Freelancer - Mod DB (link may be not active prior approval)
  • Bomber have small guns firepower, limited ammo and torpedoes usage in big operation is very risky. Splash damage can quite easily kill few our ship in second.
  • Mistakes always will happen ... many different reasons. For bigger operations is good have printed system maps with marked route (possibly use rep.buoys). And is good to have 1-2 pilots prepared in advance which will go helping ppl in troubles. Main core of group should ideally move quickly with low delays to designated 'regroup' points. (Rep.buoys, next system entry). ... and btw: no one operation, started for a 1st time, worked smoothly (what I remember). Keep it going, use smaller groups and …