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  • When installing Crossfire into Mod Manager, you need to select English as installer language. Otherwise, there's a bug when the installer does not unpack the additional archive, hence, not all mod files end up installed.
  • Well... check if that file exists in the FLMM mod folder. If it doesn't, then something went wrong in the installation progress. If it does, then FLMM can't copy it - run FLMM as Admin and remove read-only from Freelancer folder. This problem has been encountered before; but I can't remember precisely how to fix/avoid it. The installer language was what helped me back when 2.0 was just out. Also, check your disk space, since CF essentially takes double the disk space (it copies itself during ac…
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R)IDK, I caught a glance of it back when I first tried to install 2.0 right after it was out, probably was a mistake or something.