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  • Maybe with the transfer of the wiki, we can check and sort out the differences in maps and few outdated info from CF updates as well, which due to my past with making and keeping CF maps/DBs Im up to help with. I do have more limited time than in past though...
  • (Quote from SWAT_OP-R8R) There are at least 2 FL mods currently related with the portal afterall, it would be nice if the portal can house any FL mod willing to join, but would that make this site their official, and not use a web exclusive for them, or they would still have their own web and their branch on here would end up just like some advertising section, who knows @Portalearth It's ok I can explore myself, and we can't just magically know everything thats incorrect/outdated.
  • ANDIT'S ALIVE !!! Checking out the new stuff, I suppose that things load slow is temporary for some reason, right? PS: The way to revert edits and such is a nice, seeing other new features as well
  • For me, having white text on dark background is best for reading, afterall its the WHITE that shines more on phone screen.
  • Well, Martind been busy too, he added whole wiki before others even noticed it got unlocked, at least it was locked for me about the same ammount of hours the wiki seems to be added... maybe was just a bug, I did check often xD
  • Yup, everything needs editing for code fix.
  • Thats nice, was wondering why there are threads moved and with my name at notifications xD But looking over those boards, its such a great thing that bot doesnt spam the forum with threads anymore but news instead...
  • Thats why, hes doing such a great job I had to scroll pages of threads to find the ones you moved or others I made at games xD Too much for us humans to handle! xD