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  • Just my view Op, But to do something properly and without problems. Is to shut it all down and start what ever is required from the ground up.Crossfire is up in the top ten each year, So lets catch up with the times and get a new coat of paint. To stay up there in the future. For me, i have enjoyed the marvels the team have done on this mod. been very creative. with more advancement in the new things would be far better obviously. I will work out the conversion and donate being important and giv…
  • Again as i said in my last post, Lets do it Right the first time. So i also don,t agree witha cheap version. I,m sure we have all heard the old saying you only get what you paid for!. If willing players are paying donations which they obviously are. And it ends up a high amount, then get the best and eliminate problems from the start. And benefit from that in the future.