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  • Granted, WoS means Wheel of Sirius (it is a system in Crossfire Universe :-)! ), but BS-Event is finished allready (BS means Battleship) I wish you all a happy x-mas-holiday-time
  • Granted, but less problems means that we will be weaker, because every solved problem makes us harder WoS event mean this one: :-) I wish that some people won't surprised by x-mas-time every year again!
  • Granted, I am the walking dead now And I am also the smoking dead! I wish, I have more money in Crossfire Game
  • Granted, but your pizza was burned and dark like a Black Hole (Brandenburger Art, like we say in Germany) I wish I would be better play PvP in Crossfire
  • Granted, but new high end pc is to good for CF. CF runs, but much to fast for you. So you still can't play CF I wish we have more player in CF MP.